Lindy Hop Dance

Wednesdays 9:15PM to 12:00AM
NOTE: We have no future scheduled dates for this event. It may no longer be occurring.
Cheryl Burke Dance Mountain View
1400 North Shoreline Blvd Ste A1
Mountain View, CA 94043
Primary Dance Style:
Swing (e.g. ec swing, lindy, jive, etc)
$12 ($6 for 24 & younger)
Lindy Hop

Mixers, Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll, Big Apples, and the Madison are all part of a regular night of fun!

Classes are $16 and include free admission to the party
7:15pm: Level 2 Lindy Hop & Level 3 Lindy Hop
8:15pm: Level 1 Lindy Hop & Elective
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