Lindy Hop Dance

Wednesdays 9:15PM to 12:00AM
(Next date: )
Cheryl Burke Dance Mountain View
1400 North Shoreline Blvd Ste A1
Mountain View, CA 94043
Primary Dance Style:
Swing (e.g. ec swing, lindy, jive, etc)
$12 ($6 for 24 & younger)
Lindy Hop

Mixers, Shim Sham, Jitterbug Stroll, Big Apples, and the Madison are all part of a regular night of fun!

Classes are $16 and include free admission to the party
7:15pm: Level 2 Lindy Hop & Level 3 Lindy Hop
8:15pm: Level 1 Lindy Hop & Elective
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