FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. What is this site about?

    WhereToBallroom.com is about helping you find places to dance.

  2. I'm a Salsa dancer, can I find a place to dance here?

    Yes! We're using the term "ballroom" in the loose sense of the word. Basically you can find any social dance between two people. Think about the TV show Dancing with the Stars. It's a show about ballroom dancing and yet they often feature Salsa, Argentine Tango, and other dances that blur the lines between dance styles.

  3. What types of dances are listed?

    Any partner dances. These are social dances between two people. This includes Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop, Jive, Shag, Balboa, Hustle, Merengue, Bachata, Argentine Tango, Country and more!

  4. How can I be sure a listed dance is still occurring?

    Please always contact the venue/event organizer directly to confirm dates and times. This is the best way to be sure that an event is still happening. Our goal is to keep the site up-to-date with help of our users. If you see information that is wrong or outdated please let us know. See Reporting wrong info.

  5. How can I add a dance?

    Anyone can add a dance. Register an account on our site and then Add a dance.

  6. How can I add a dance that occurs regularly?

    It's easy to create recurring events. You can create events that happen every week, every other week, or on specific weeks (e.g. every First Friday, or every 2nd and 4th Saturday). Just go to our Add a dance page and choose the appropriate event repeat setting.

  7. I created a recurring dance, but the event listings stop after several weeks?

    When you create a recurring dance event our system automatically creates a handful of future dates. It may look like your recurring event stops after a several weeks. However, not too worry, the system will automatically create new future dates as time moves forward.

  8. How can I add a dance that occurs on different days of the week?

    If you want to create a dance that occurs on two different weekdays (e.g., every Monday and Wednesday) please just create a separate dance for each day of the week. So you'd add one dance for the Monday event and one dance for the Wednesday event.

  9. I see a dance listed but the information is incorrect or the dance isn't happening anymore.

    Please let us know! The page for each event has a "report this event" link you can click to report an error. Alternatively you can let us know on our Contact page.

  10. Can I edit a dance?

    We do not currently have this feature although we may add it in the future. In order to make changes to a dance, please go to the event page and click on the "report this event" link to inform us of changes you would like made. We will then verify and make the requested changes. Alternatively you can let us know on our Contact page.

  11. What about group classes?

    Currently we are not listing group classes although this could change in the future. However, in general, we find group classes tend to be more transient in nature, changing dance styles from month to month whereas dances can often run for years at the same time and place. Our goal is for the information on the site to be accurate and we think it'd be too easy for group class information to become out of date. However, dances will many times have an associated group class immediately before the dance and it's fine to list this in the description section as a note when adding a dance.

  12. I have a suggestion for this site. How can I tell you about it?

    Let us know on our Contact page.

  13. I have a question not on this FAQ. How can I ask it?

    Please ask us by sending us a message on our Contact page.