Sunday Night Tango Invasion Milonga

Sundays 8:30PM to 12:00AM
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ATOMIC Ballroom Irvine
17961 Skypark Cir Ste C
Irvine, CA 92614
Primary Dance Style:
Argentine Tango/Milonga
$10. $15 when there is live music or special performance. Or just $5 if taking a class.
Argentine Tango is a beautiful, passionate, and graceful dance that’s exploding in popularity! ATOMIC Ballroom’s Sunday night Tango Invasion is dedicated to creating a welcoming, beginner-friendly milonga for new and longtime tangueros alike.

Your first tango class with us is only $2.00 - and if you buy a group class punch card the same day, you’ll also receive a FREE 30-minute tango sample lesson with one of our fantastic instructors.

Never tried Argentine Tango? Choose one of our three beginner classes on Sunday evenings, or try a sample private lesson. If you’re an experienced tango dancer, attend a special topics group class or one of our intermediate or advanced classes. Then dance the night away at the friendliest milonga in Southern California. (Milonga ATOMICA)

We frequently host live music, guest instructors, and phenomenal workshops. Argentine Tango is invading ATOMIC Ballroom, and we invite you to join the Tango Invasion!

Short Beginner's Guide to Argentine Tango

[1] There are 4 kinds of Tango music: Tango, Vals (Waltz), Milonga, and Nuevo. At ATOMIC we offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes geared towards each kind of music. Take them all.

[2] A Milonga is also what you call the evening social dance of Tango. So you can dance Milonga steps to Milonga music at a Milonga social dance.

[3] Tango music is played in sets of 3 or 4 similar songs called Tandas. Typically you would stay with the same partner for a Tanda. You will switch partners when the DJ plays a non Tango song. This transition is called a Cortina.

[4] You never need a partner, and no dance experience is expected.
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